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Canna Law Magazine is a magazine focused on the most relevant legal developments in the global cannabis industry. We are dedicated to collecting and analyzing different cases of interest in order to give the user a real and full picture of the state of this field.

The magazine is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in law, finance, science, cultivation, dispensing, marketing and design. The knowledge and experience of each member of Canna Law is reflected in a clear and useful tool whose content addresses all areas of the industry.


With Canna Law Magazine you will find a complete universe covering all relevant legal aspects of the Cannabis Industry


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We review legal cases from patients, brands, employers and governments worldwide.


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Why is it so important to stay informed?


 Since legalization, many cannabis companies have experienced an increase in assets and greater investor interest, however, the recent legal battles they have faced have slowed their growth considerably. In the last year, demand in the cannabis industry has increased by 116%, due to the increase in companies in this sector, regulatory uncertainties and the volatility of the market in this industry.  

Many of these companies are facing lawsuits for misleading advertising, social and environmental impacts of cultivation, to name a few, which have led to similar legal situations. In this field, keeping informed is a tool that will allow companies, users and lawyers, not to make the same mistakes as other companies and ensure their success in the industry.

Cannabis Challenges

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